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The Importance of Patent Search

This article highlights the importance of patent search as one of our services.

Exploring patent information can lead to the following advantages for these people:


  • Policymaker – identify and analyze filing trends
  • Inventor – check whether an idea is new and patentable
  • Business person – estimate the value of existing patents
  • Patent attorney – check that your product won't infringe on someone else's patent


By taking advantage of the same patent information that the highest-achieving organizations use, you can make better decisions.


Patent information can help our clients for:


  • Avoiding wasteful duplication of research and development
  • Investigating whether an invention is new and can be patented
  • Steering clear of other patents and avoiding expensive infringement actions in court
  • Assessing the validity and enforceability of patents
  • Estimating the value of patents
  • Finding solutions to technical problems
  • Finding free-to-use technology
  • Monitoring the research activities of competitors
  • Helping with decisions on licensing, technology partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Discovering and evaluating filing trends

In the primary step, customers should decide precisely what information is required and when it must be obtained. This matter guides us on whether it is necessary to acquire a comprehensive selection of results or if time is a factor, we should attempt to focus on getting results quickly. In addition, the client's input is part of the iterative search process.

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